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Hair Growth Vitamins for Kids and Adults

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Nutrients are necessary for every part of our body to grow. There are various triggers for hair growth, and vitamins are at the top of the list! Hair growth vitamins for kids and adults have varying results, depending on the hair growth issue in question.

Experts agree that it takes around 3 to 6 months for people to see results of the intake of hair growth vitamins for kids and adults.

The good news is that the cells of hair follicles grow incredibly fast, but because hair is not an important tissue in the grand scheme of your body, the effects of vitamins may benefit other cells first. That’s why it’s important to take hair growth vitamins for kids and adults consistently through a multivitamin or a supplement.

Types of Hair Growth Issues

There are many hair growth issues. Hair shedding and hair loss may take place due to chronic disease, aging, or genetics. It may also occur as a reaction to radiation during cancer treatments, or as a result of a poor diet. Thinning hair and patchy hair may also occur due to these and many other reasons. Fortunately, vitamins may help restore your natural hair strength, length and overall health.

Hair Growth Vitamins for Kids and Adults

Biotin is an essential vitamin that could properly be used in the management of the hair thinning or loss. Vitamins A, C, D, E, B complex vitamins, and minerals like zinc, and nutrients from protein are also helpful hair growth boosters. You can get many of these nutrients by eating dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, as well as whole grains, and seafood.

Or you can fill gaps in your diet with nutritional supplements of hair growth vitamins for kids and adults. You could try Doctor’s Best Biotin, available in veggie caps or gummies (in a delicious strawberry flavor kids will love), which provide the necessary vitamins for the hair of kids and adults.

You could also try Hairfluence capsules by Zhou Nutrition, another essential supplement specially targeted to help the growth of your hair. It has a lot of nutrients, including B complex vitamins, vitamins A, C, D3, collagen, and added biotin for an important push in growth. It gives a properly holistic approach to biotin supplements.

Now the hair of your kids and adults can grow properly with aid from these vitamins.


Photo by Konzel Creative on Unsplash

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