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Welcome Blessings into Your Heart and Home

6 Ways to Show Gratitude to Yourself and Others

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For many of us, November is a month of gratitude. Inspired by the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving, it’s a time when people who believe in the Christian faith or in similar spiritual practices gather together with family and friends to break bread, share a meal, give thanks to God (or their Higher Power, whomever that may be), and welcome blessings that have been given to them throughout the year.

When you openly welcome blessings into your heart and home, either at Thanksgiving, through daily positive affirmations, at church, by volunteering, or by writing in a gratitude journal, the act itself is one of beauty. When you are grateful for your blessings, your hardships will feel smaller, and you will retain hope for a brighter day. Keep reading to discover some ways you can welcome blessings into your heart and home this year.

How to Welcome Blessings into Your Heart

The word “love” means so many different things to all of us, and showing love is also just as diverse. But when you choose to welcome blessings into your heart and show love, it’s a way of practicing self-care mutually with selflessness. Being grateful and showing gratitude are two main ways to do this successfully, but we welcome you to try your own ideas too. For now, here are a few of ours.

1. Give out thank you cards – especially for the small things. Whenever someone does something brave or thoughtful, even if it’s a seemingly small thing, write them a thank you card to celebrate them. This could be a friend or colleague at work who helps you finish a special project, or a relative who has everyone over for dinner. Whatever it is, write a personal thank you card to let them know they are appreciated. It will warm your heart just as much as theirs.

2. Give yourself the gift of time. If you need more time to yourself to rest and recuperate, then take a few hours a week to read a new book, take a solitary walk in the woods, get a massage, go to the salon, take a beauty nap, or whatever small act of joy will help you cherish yourself more at that moment.

3. Give others the gift of time. If you see a family member, friend, or neighbor struggling to meet all of their responsibilities, such as mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, grocery shopping, or cooking dinner, offer to take the chore over for them a few times, so they can enjoy some me-time too. Your kindness will be especially helpful for single parents or the elderly and will help relieve some stress in their lives.

How to Welcome Blessings into Your Home

1. Write it down. Make a list of all the blessings in your life that you are grateful for. Put them in a daily gratitude journal, or have each member of your family do this same exercise on 365 total individual slips of paper and place them all into a glass jar that you keep in a central place like a kitchen or living room. Every day as a family, take one slip of paper out of the jar and read it aloud together.

2. Put it in photos. Go through all the photos you’ve taken this year and have the best ones printed at a local drugstore or photo lab – at least 5 photos per month, or per season. Make sure you have a good representation of you and your whole family and friends, and if you’re missing some important people in your life then it may be time to pay them a visit, make some happy memories, and take some photos together!

Then, take all the photos and put them into a photo album, organized by season and occasion, to showcase the special year you’ve had. Place the photo album on your living room coffee table or another prominent place where you and your friends and family gather.

Bonus: Make a duplicate album to give to your closest loved ones, especially if you live far away from each other. Each time they look at the pictures, they’ll think fondly of you and the special memories you shared together.

3. Simplify your home. Taking inventory of your house, deep cleaning it, and getting rid of clutter can be so rewarding. For many people, simplifying your life at home can help relieve stress and anxiety all while beautifying your sacred space.

After getting rid of the excess, try giving thanks to your home by introducing some plant life and/or water features. By bringing the outdoors inside, you’ll feel more connected to your safe space, yourself, and with nature. Surround yourself only with things that bring you joy, and it will help make all the difference for the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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