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Zoom Makeup Tips for Working at Home


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It's almost time for your work meeting (or job interview), but you accidentally slept inand look a wreck with a face out of this world. Time is hurriedly running out, and you only have 5 minutes to put on killer makeup to look put-together. Should you contour first? What should you use – mascara or highlighter? What can you do in that tight situation so that you can get that glow that your face needs for that Zoom meeting or interview? Here we will give you good tips on how to get the perfect makeup that will make your face shine on the screen of your Zoom meeting. 

5 Zoom Makeup Tips for Working at Home 

The Perfect Moisturizer 

Afterwashing your face well, a moisturizer that will make your face hydrated and add that fine glow to the skin is greatly needed. Don't forget to care for the canvas of your face as you prep your skin. One of the top choices of moisturizers recommended for a good skin care routine is the Miessence Balancing Moisturizer, keeping you hydrated all day long. 

The Right Eyedrop 

It is mostlyobserved that the eyes areas will appear like pink or red on cameras online,and you must be very stressed before the meeting or interview starts. It can make your eyes look more reddish. So as you are starting this Zoom makeup, it's nice to get some eye drops that will brighten your eyes in a short time. 

Get the Mascara 

The work oft he mascara is to make you look alert and awake. Make beautiful curls with yourmascara to add a unique feature to the camera, making it brighter and bolder. I suggest using the camera that will be used for the interview or video call, checking the lighting and the perfect angle to place the camera.  

Use a Bright Blush  

The thing with a Zoom or other video calls is that they can make your face washed out, even though they are in high definition. The best thing to do to prevent this horrible thing from happening is to use a blush brush that is brighter than what you usually use, it will make your face make the glow that you are lookingfor. Another tip is to use the pointed brush and apply it in an oval-shaped motion at the cheeks and the backside of the face. And if you think that it is too much, you can use a beauty blender to even it out. 

The Concealer 

This is the most vital part of your Zoom makeup! Get your concealer and gently pat it under the eyes, the bridge part of your nose, and the corner of your eyes. Then blend. 

And there you are! You have the best Zoom makeup tips for working at home with a shining and glowing smile on your face. 


Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels 


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