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Will Beauty Salons Open Soon?

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Have you been wondering if it’s safe to go back to the beauty salon during the COVID-19 pandemic? Due to the effect on the ongoing COVID-19 virus, the government has enforced a lockdown that has affected so many businesses, which has resulted in putting them on hold until safety measures have improved. So many beauty salons have been shut down for several months.

But with so many developments in the health industry, select beauty salons have reopened, while others are staying closed and forcing customers to tend to their own beauty needs.

Reopening Beauty Salons

After being creative with our looks and also getting beauty products delivered to us safely in our homes, the U.S., the UK and other countries have decided to allow the reopening of the beauty parlors, facial care shops, barbershops, hair salons, and other boutiques since mid-summer 2020.

So far there has been a supportive response from clientele. But even with this news, other services are still off-limits and inaccessible to customers such as those involving the touching of the face, eyes, or mouth. And they remain closed and unavailable in some places, since it involves taking a high risk of opening services to the public and it involves close contact with customers.

Other Services Involving Contact

Other services, especially those which involve entering high risk of contact with the face, like the fixing of eyelashes, waxing, facial massages, and other beauty treatments are still not available. (For example, in the U.S., makeup counters like MAC Cosmetics have been closed for several months already.) But they've been predicted to resume services in beauty salons soon. So if you missed and want these services like having to get your lashes extended and having your makeup properly done by a professional, then you'll be able to get them done again soon.

But even with the news of the opening of the beauty parlors and hairdressing services, some still doubt if it's safe to go out for these services. Many people just try to keep safe by just ordering their beauty products online because of safety concerns.

Post-Coronavirus Updates

Beauty services require physical contact with customers. So salons that reopen should provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the workers and customers alike. We can already see this within the lead time given, as salons in some European countries have started adapting to these guidelines and now provide hand sanitizers, face masks, and limited contact with the customer and clients.

If you’re still unsure about going to a beauty salon during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can order Herbatint all-natural hair dye products and Shampoo & Body Wash by Alaffia online and follow your own beauty techniques.


Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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