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Why You Need a Facial Toner in Your Beauty Regimen

It is very important and necessary for you to know and understand the convenience of having all the beauty products you might need in order for your skin care routine not to be thrown off balance. Some of the skin problems you might be having will come off as stubborn or difficult to handle due to the absence of a product that might be the cure or remedy to the skin problem. A lot of people tend to leave out toners, which are very important skin care products from their skin care regimen.

Facial toners are considered to be mediators, or the in-between product, used after your face has been washed, before applying your moisturizer or serum. The ignorance behind facial toners as a skin care product has birthed the nonchalance people have towards it.

Facial toners are water-based liquid forms infused with ingredients like peppermint and aloe considered as skin-soothing agents. They help refresh skin without ridding it off of its natural moisture. Face toners also prepare the skin to absorb post-cleansing moisturizers and other skin treatments you apply.

Importance of Facial Toners

It Returns the Skin’s pH Balance

Our skin naturally has a pH level between five and six, that is on a scale of 0-14 causing it to be acidic. The use and application of various things on our skin such as make up and soap which is alkaline in nature can possibly distort the pH level of the skin causing unbalance. This then causes our skin extra work in order for it to restore it’s normal pH balance and this can lead to dryness. Other skin problems, such as acne, can also come to existence due the high amount of oil the skin will produce. The facial toner helps lessen the pressure being put on the skin to restore balance by restoring the pH balance quickly.

It Hydrates the Skin

A lot of us suffer from dryness of skin and it can be really frustrating most of the time. Facial toners can be used as hydrating agents for your skin due to the fact that they contain hydrating ingredients, but it is also important to know that it is not all facial toners that contain such ingredients. These toners are important after cleansing before applying any other skincare products such as moisturizers.

It Helps Remove Excess Oil

As much as some facial toners help hydrate the skin, it also serves as an agent that helps control and remove excess oil clogged in skin pores that also cause blackheads. These toners used for such purpose usually contain ingredients such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid that aid the reduction or curtailing of excess oil, allowing the skin to look it’s very best.

Facial toners like Face Toner Everyday Coconut by Alaffia help keep your pores unclogged, removing any form of dirt on the skin due to excess oil on the skin. They can also be used for a quick wash of the skin when oily, keeping it clean and radiant at all times.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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