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Tips for Editing Makeup Photography

Make-up photo retouching should be invisible, particularly in case you’re going to publish your make-up pictures in high resolution. I recommend following these basic photoshopping portrait tips if you're dabbling in make-up photography.

Appropriate Make-up Photo Cropping

Every online photo editor offers a cropping function, and they're all relatively the same. As soon as you pick the crop tool, there'll be a frame on the shooter, which you might drag by the tiny squares on the corners or on the sides. This way, you could choose what is going to be in the frame.

Levels or Curves

One way to increase contrast to your photos is to mess around with levels or curves. You can attempt to brighten light portions of the frame while keeping other areas more saturated. An easy tool to use is Levels. Lightroom and Photoshop are expensive, but they are both excellent options as well. I would recommend learning more about lightroom vs photoshop before deciding on a photo editing software.

Dodge and Burn

By means of Dodging and Burning, which means to add or remove light, you'll get an opportunity to add or remove light from pictures. This tactic will permit you to boost contrast and make the light a bit softer in your photographs.

Emphasis on the Eyes!

Focusing on eyes is a fantastic focal point. Add it with the aid of the Adjustments layer (emphasize the specifics, improve color, add a little brightness, etc.). There are many ways to do this, so I'm not going to go into detail on this one, except for one...

Smoky Eye Effect

One way I found to do this well is to switch to the round rod brush. Then, reduce stiffness, potentially up to 0%, to make eye shadows. Use muted colors, such as a muted purple, to get the smoky eye effect you're looking for.

I hope you found this article helpful! What other make-up photography tips have you come across? Let me know!

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