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What to Do About Thinning Hair

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Are you experiencing thinning of the hair and you don’t know what to do? You might be wondering if your hair can grow back or get back to its former volume. Hair thinning is a gradual loss of hair. This occurs due to different reasons and inmost cases, there can be a regrowth for one’s hair. Here are some of the things to be consideredto understand the concept of thinning hair. We will first be considering the causes then we will examine the possible solutions to thinning hair. 

Causes of Thinning Hair: 

There are lots of causes of thinning hair. Here are a few of the main ones. 


This is the most common cause of hair thinning worldwide. It occurs in both males and females. It mostly comes with aging. It is called Androgenic Alopecia. 

Scalp infection: 

This is a hair infection that causes hair loss. It ends up leaving your scalp scaly andinflamed. You might end up noticing black dots on your scalp. They are stubs ofhair and you might result in a bald spot. 

Tight hairdo: 

If you frequently wear your hair in tight hairstyles, it can lead to hair loss. Thisis called Traction Alopecia. 


Some chemicals used for hair care such as relaxers, perms, or even colors and other harsh hair products most likely lead to hair damage and with time, hair loss. 


Somemedications have side effects that include hairlessness. If you notice hairloss after using some medications, inquire with your doctor for help. 

Next Steps and Possible Solutions 

Scalp massage: 

This can bedone after washing your hair. Scalp massage helps in blood circulation on thescalp which in turn aids hair growth. You simply do this by applying a bit more pressure with your hands around your scalp. You can use a handheld scalpmassager as an alternative with ends to get rid of dead skin cells.   

Anti-thinning shampoo: 

Anti-shampoo products encompass vitamins and amino acids which help to improve hair health.They give more volume to the hair. Use such products daily. 


Certainf oods encourage hair growth such as foods containing vitamins like vitamin B-7or biotin, vitamin B-5, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, or multivitamins. Hairneeds iron, zinc, and folic acid to grow healthy and thick. If you often get abalanced diet, you would most likely be nourished with foods that aid hair growth. As much as you need to eat well, it is advisable not to take too many different supplements as they may end up doing more harm than good. 

Essential oils: 

Essential oils can be used in treating thinning hair or hair loss. These oils are madefrom natural plants and share a part in supporting hair growth. 

While goingon your journey of regaining lost hair, you might try out the NeoCell Beauty Infusion Refreshing Collagen Drink Mix Cranberry Cocktail 6000 mg. It is abeauty infusion drink mix that supports not just strong hair but also otherbenefits. This cranberry cocktail flavored mix contains bioactive collagen that gives smooth skin, biotin for strong hair and nails, alpha lipoic acid (which protects from free radicals), hyaluronic acid that helps in skin hydration and renewal, and also vitamin C that promotes the formation of collagen. 

Hairthinning might seem to be a big problem, but in most cases, it is possible toregrow your hair based on the cause. There are things to do that can supporthair growth and regain hair volume. Neocell’s Beauty Infusion RefreshingCollagen Drink Mix Cranberry Cocktail 6000 mg is a good drink that delivers essential beauty. Youmay want to give it a try. 


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