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Teen Makeup Vanity Accessories

All you need in your cosmetic collection to get started in beauty!

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Now that your teen girl is ready to explore makeup just like every other teenager around them, it's perfectly fine. They just have to be properly guided on the right product to choose from. Skin care safety is important, and that's why teenagers will always need an intro into the world of cosmetics.

Your makeup explorations should begin with teen makeup vanity accessories that are close to natural, especially for school. The less natural makeup can be saved for social occasions. Setting up a great makeup vanity for your teen can make creativity easy for them. Some of them may even pick up a passion for makeup artistry. All that your teen girl needs for this newly found interest include the following.

7 Teen Makeup Vanity Must-Haves

Vanity Table

For you to get the best from your makeup accessories, you must set yourself up in a comfortable space with good lighting. You can get ready comfortably at your vanity table in the morning or at any time. You don't want to splatter colors from your makeup over your bed or places where you shouldn't.

A vanity table holds your accessories together and gives you easy management over each of your items. A vanity table with proper lighting is great as it makes it easy to highlight your best facial features.

Liquid Foundation

A liquid foundation is one of the most important makeup accessories anyone should own. Your teen makeup vanity accessories aren't complete without one. Your liquid foundation should match your skin tone so you can have the desired finish. Some safe liquid foundation to buy are Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation by Jane Iredale and Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation by 100% Pure.

Compact Powder

Another essential teen makeup vanity accessory is the compact powder. It is applied over the foundation to add a light texture to your skin. It holds the foundation and serves as an upper coverage. Compact powders from 100% Pure and Jane Iredale are great products for teens. They are made with natural ingredients that soothe the skin.


Mascara does magic with the eyelashes. It makes the eyes instantly bright and beautiful. It is a must-have for every teen looking to explore makeup. Get an ultra-lengthening mascara from 100% Pure or Jane Iredale.

Makeup Brushes

You can't apply your makeup correctly without your brushes. For flawless and natural makeup application, you need to have your brushes. Some of the important ones for beginners are foundation brush, powder brush, angled brush, highlight fan brush, etc.

SPF and Moisturizer

You don't leave out a moisturizer when applying makeup. It prevents your makeup from caking or looking unnatural. It also helps to maintain your skin health. Get a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 to keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is every girl's best makeup vanity. It can instantly improve your look. Keep your lips juicy and glossy with flavored lip gloss.

Buying quality and original makeup accessories can make a difference. Have fun adding to your makeup collection!


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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