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How Can I Style My Hair without Gel?

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No doubt we all want that slick, clean look that takes us through the day, from one activity to the other. So our first and seemingly best option is to gel our hair. But the side effects of using this product are quite scary, to say the least. They include dehydrated hair due to alcohol and corrosive chemicals that reduce the production of sebum, cause hair loss, dandruff, and discoloration.


For a regular style fix, hair gel is really not the best stop. So you may ask, “How can I style my hair without gel?” Here are a few tips.


7 Ways to Style Hair without Gel


1. The Dependable H2O

Water is a natural way to style your hair. After a bath, dry your hair until it’s damp and not totally dry. Afterward, you can style it any way you want. While this may not last as long as artificial products, you are sure not to suffer any side effects to your scalp or hair in the long run.


2. Style with Mousse

Mousse is a great way to hold your hair in place after styling it. Just spray on a good quantity and hope for the best. Although they are known not to provide a long-lasting hold, your hair is good for a few hours, and with a good product, you have no cause for alarm. We recommend trying all-natural products like Chia Mousse by Aubrey Organics or Natural Mousse Air-Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam by Giovanni.


3. Sugar and Water Hair Spray

With the world moving towards organic home remedies for hair and overall care, it is no surprise that it has been discovered that sugar and water can be used to style the hair. All you need to do is boil a cup of water, add two teaspoons of sugar, allow it to dissolve, and cool before pouring it into a spray bottle for maximum effect.


4. Hair Paste

Hair paste is lighter than gel and can give the desired results. This can be applied while styling the hair, and a firm hold is guaranteed.


5. Hair Straightener and Roller

This is a sure way of getting that desired curl or sharp clean look without using damaging products, but this shouldn't be used too regularly to avoid hair loss and discoloration. It should be used while hair is still damp and with protective gloves to avoid burns.


6. Hair Wax

Hair wax, unlike hair gel does, not contain alcohol which is one of the leading causes of dehydrated scalp and hair. With wax, you can get the maximum hold, a glossy look, and a healthier scalp.


7. Hair Cream and Oil

Hair cream and oil are great for styling especially frizzy hair. If you have oily hair, avoid styling your hair with these products, as you may run the risk of giving your hair a greasy unattractive sheen. But for other hair types, this is a better alternative to gel, as they help give the hair the needed nourishment.


These are a few alternatives or ways to style your hair. They are simple, direct, and easy to execute. Hopefully with these tips, your question, "How can I style my hair without gel?" has been answered.




Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

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