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Magnetic Lashes vs. Mascara

Which one works best?

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Magnetic lashes are a way to wear a false eyelash by essentially sandwiching your natural lash between two fake eyelashes with magnetic strips, which holds them in a place like a normal glue would. So instead of struggling with finicky lash glue, you get to call for a dramatic eye makeup look without putting forth much effort.

Mascara, on the other hand, is a makeup accessory that is used to either increase length, thickness, or volume to your eyelashes. A lot of brands have made different formulations, perfecting them to suit every girl's needs and lifestyle. This product requires its wand to accompany the mascara formula.

This article will try to educate you on the advantages of magnetic lashes vs mascara.

Which Product is Safer?

Magnetic lashes are generally considered safe to use around the eyes. The most obvious factor that makes magnetic lashes better is the fact that there is no need to apply glue close to the eye area, such as with fake eyelashes. Packages are expected to come with their own set of instructions, because whether you are a pro at applying magnetic lashes or not, each set of kits is unique and it has its own set of instructions you should read. It's also better to not share your magnetic lashes and to remove your false eyelashes when going to bed. This will reduce the risk of eye infection.

Mascaras are more likely to be unsafe, causing an eye infection. This is because mascaras expire after three months of use, and studies have shown the 86% of women continue to use their mascara after three months. This has led to pink eyes, staph infections, and inflammatory conditions. That is, unless you use all-natural mascara formulas like from the trusted brand Jane Iredale, whose Longest Lash Mascara is second to none.

Which Product is Easier to Apply?

A certain makeup artist suggested that the way to apply magnetic eyelashes is set the lash down in the middle first, then adjust the outer edges and save the inner corner for last. Another way is to hold the top lashes with your fingers then snap the bottom with tweezers, or you could use lash applicator tools with rounded tips on them. Removal of magnetic eyelashes is very easy.

In other to apply mascara, you will need a mascara wand. The wand is used to apply the mascara formula on the eyelashes by delicately brushing them. This takes time, to learn you need to practice. These wands are of different types and they have different effects. 

An example is the comb wand, which is used by those that have short and sparse lashes. It helps to coat every single lash. To remove mascara, you will need a makeup remover if it's water-soluble, or an oil-based makeup remover if it's a waterproof mascara.

Which Lasts Longer?

Magnetic lashes can be re-worn. You can use them once or twice depending on how you clean and store it. However, there are low-quality lashes that can only be used once, so the quality of the mascara also matters. But if you do have to throw one away, magnetic lashes can be easily bought at stores.

Mascara doesn't last as long as the magnetic lashes. This means that it will need to be removed after some time either by oil-based makeup remover, or a normal makeup remover.

So which one will you choose when it comes to magnetic lashes vs mascara vs fake eyelashes?


Photo by Aleksandra Rupar on Unsplash

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