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Add How to Accept Yourself as You Are and Practice Self Love with Flaws

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to accept yourself as you are and practice self-love with all your flaws. Perhaps you have self-acceptance problems or do not feel confident enough. Keep reading to learn how to accept your differences, and love yourself just the way you are – imperfectly perfect.

Who are you?

Before you can begin the acceptance process and know that feeling of “This is who I am, and I am unapologetic for being myself,” you need to know who you are and what you stand for. So who are you? The question has a lot of different meanings. It could be who you are when you're on your own, who you are in the presence of other people, how your occupation defines you, your hobbies or interests, or what role you play in your family or your community.

So, you need to have a basic general understanding of who you are before you can begin accepting yourself. There are a lot of people that may be shy or anti-social. There are people with different sexual orientations that a closed-minded society may frown at. Or there may be people living on the fringe of society that just don’t fit into the mainstream ideals. I'm here to tell you that everything is fine and that your differences, even if they’re not accepted by others, make you the beautiful individual you are.

In time, you will forget your fears and all the things that make you feel less confident about yourself. Patience is key to a lot of things. So if you've got that, and self-confidence, you're good to go.

How to Accept Yourself as You Are and Practice Self Love with Flaws

No human on planet Earth is flawless. Beyoncé, the late David Bowie, and every other person you think is close to perfect actually has flaws too. But you don't seem to notice them because of how confident they are.

As a person, whatever your differences may be, just remember that’s what makes you special. Be you, unapologetically. Practice self-love. Enjoy this life fully.


Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

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