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Lipstick and Chill: What Beauty Products Should Be Refrigerated?

Your cosmetics may live longer in cool temperatures

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There have been many discussions about if beauty products should be refrigerated or not. Some people even made claims of how throwing a beauty care product in the refrigerator helps to make the ingredients settle into the skin faster, and others believe in the opposite and that you should heat up the products before application. Well, what do you think happens by doing either of these? Well, let us take a quick look at why and which beauty product you'd need to chill before applying it on your face.

Why Is It Necessary

· The chilling of beauty care products can help a lot in increasing its shelf life.

· It gives a cool sensation when applying to the skin, and it also helps in avoiding any itching or rashes.

· It gives the skin a soothing sensation that helps the nerves in the skin to resist any tendency of itching.

But not all products are necessary to be chilled before application. Some products only retained their puffiness and constricted blood flow, while others just gave a sensational feel.

Top Beauty Products

Remember, not all beauty products can be chilled, as each contains ingredients that may not be compatible with colder temperatures. So let's take a look at some of the beauty products that can be chilled.

Anti-Itch Creams

This is mostly the best product to refrigerate, as the body nerves can be very sensitive when it comes to itching. The nerves in the body can't feel itchy and cold at the same time, so applying a cold itch cream will soothe the skin and reduce the sensation of itch.


Generally, this is done by many people especially when dealing with puffy eyes in the morning. Cold constricts blood vessels and can therefore reduce swelling, so refrigerating and applying gel under the eyes in the morning helps in reducing puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are usually caused by fluids flowing into the under-eye area at night, which in turn causes the morning eye swells.

Nail Polish

Keeping your nail polish out exposed to sunlight and heat breaks down the formula. This in turn makes it hard to retain its original color and brilliance, but refrigerating helps it in retaining its color and helps the pain remain thin.

Natural Skin Products

These natural skin products that are known to be organic are made without the use of preservatives or chemicals to enhance their life, so refrigerating these products will help in extending their life and context.


If you feel like preserving that open bottle of sunscreen for future use, just store it in the fridge, as a warm environment lessens its SPF, which aids in protecting the skin.

Whether or not you do decide to throw your beauty care products in a fridge, it’s mainly up to you and how you prefer your creams and treatment, but for some products the cold temperature will lengthen its shelf-life.


Photo by Evieanna Santiago on Unsplash

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