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iHome Beauty Vanity Mirrors with Bluetooth

Our Reviews and What You Need to Know

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These days, the ways you can get the things you need are evolving. You can check out online stores and have a safe, high quality shopping and shipping experience for everything, including beauty accessories.

One of the top trendy beauty accessories these days is the iHome vanity mirror.


You can enjoy your music as you groom and style using the iHome vanity mirror speaker, which uses Bluetooth technology. You could use it to stream music straight from your tablet, smartphone, or any other device. You could also make phone calls using the talk button and the built-in mic. This features natural and bright-looking LED lights that have more than one setting, as well as 7x and 1x magnification abilities, and a port for USB cords.


Why We Love This Device


It has a built-in speaker and connectivity to Bluetooth which lets you stream audio from your laptop, tablet, smartphone wirelessly.


There are free distortion mirrors which have 7x and 1x magnification, which helps with detailed cosmetic and grooming application.


Bright LEDs provide lights, which are natural-looking with low and high settings.


There’s a speakerphone, which functions like a built-in mic and echo digital voice cancelation tool.


There are also media controls that have been integrated and they feature the talk/end button that's used in calls.


There's also an auxiliary jack that has an audio cable that allows you to enjoy music from devices without Bluetooth.


It features off a battery that you could recharge. This is portable and it could be plugged with a universal voltage A/C adapter.


It has a battery-saving timer circuit, which turns the LED light off after about 15 minutes.

It has an iOS battery meter, which shows you the amount of power that is left on the status bar of your iPhone.


It has a USB port that is convenient that allows you to charge your devices.


It has a 91% recommendation rate from reviewers. Out of the 167 people who responded to the reviews, 152 recommend the iHome beauty vanity mirror for others.


The iHome beauty vanity mirror has excellent quality and value. Plus, it’s easy to use. Several reviewers stated they would tell their friends to use this product, because they enjoyed it so much.


Generally, this is a great device. You simply need to take care of it as you use it, and you’ll have a great time as you get ready for each new day.




Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

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