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Hibiscus Flower Skin Care Benefits

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Whenever a lot of people sit and think about the plant hibiscus, they may not realize their potential health benefits. But like several different flowers and herbs, hibiscus has lots of has lots of healing properties when it gets applied topically or consumed as a hibiscus tea. The bright flower offers proper mixes of plant compounds, which include minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to name a few. It turns out that hibiscus could be one of the most important things you could apply on your skin and hair. Let’s list some reasons why. 

It supports the production of naturally flowing collagen. 

Because of the high amount of vitamin C available in the hibiscus, you could help your body create collagen naturally. Collagen boosts skin elasticity and may have anti-aging effects. 

It also helps reduce the rate at which collagen degrades on your skin. 

 Think about reducing the rate at which collagen breaks down. From lab studies that have just occurred recently, hibiscus could help you in more ways than one can imagine.  Hibiscus has very high levels of myricetin, which is an antioxidant. This compound reduces collagenase. This is an enzyme that degrades and targets collagen. This enzyme increases as we become older. This also makes the skin lose its structure and firmness. The myricetin in the hibiscus; however, could probably pump brakes on the degradation of collagen. These are essential to keep your skin firm and strong. 

 It could aid in preventing the rate of breakdown from elastin. 

 With this present very serious hype around collagen, it is very easy to forget about other available types of skin proteins. Think about elastin for example. This helps in keeping our skin taut. Elastin is a very tight stretchy protein that's available in skin and tissues. This aids the skin in going back to its original position. Like collagen, elastin gets broken down by different specific enzymes known as elastase. This enzyme increases as we grow older. These all end up giving us skin that's both loose and saggy. 

 You should be glad to know that with the help of hibiscus, the rate at which one would have skin that becomes loose or saggy would reduce. Hibiscus has elastase activity. This helps in the prevention of skin wrinkles by adding more amounts of elastin.  This ends up meaning that hibiscus supports the proteins available for one's skin in more ways than one has to offer. 

 So there we have it. Are you ready to take a hibiscus bath, drink some hibiscus tea, or treat your skin to some hibiscus lotion? 


Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

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