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Try This Hair Mask Recipe!

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Your hair might be going through a lot of horrors. It could be fading, going through a horrible frizz, it might be flaky, it might be dry, or it might be damaged. The change in these various seasons, outdoor elements, indoor heat, and very hot hair tools are only just some of the culprits who might end up creating these changes. With luck, you do not need to go to the store every time you need a beauty product to make your hair get back in shape. Let's talk about some DIY hair mask recipes, shall we? 

Apple Cider, Egg, Honey, and Vinegar Hair Mask Recipe

This works perfectly well if you have dry hair. If your hair looks somewhat dehydrated, you could try this apple cider vinegar, egg, and honey mask. It is an excellent hydrating treatment that would make you shine, and it nourishes your hair without the presence of weighted down strands. Stephanie Brown, a master colorist from New York City at IGK Salon, recommended it

To make this fantastic homemade hair mask recipe, you need a teaspoon of honey, an egg, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 


To make this recipe, you need to combine all of the ingredients inside a small bowl. You could half or double the recipe. This depends on the length of your hair. You should leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes before you rinse it off. This nourishing treatment works on every or any hair type. 

Sugar and Coconut Hair Mask Recipe 

This helps you get rid of flakes with speed. Whenever you notice that your hair has begun gathering a lot of flakes due to the temperature around you dropping, this might be due to the amount of heat in your apartment becoming higher, which ends up drying out your beautiful skin. As stated by Paul Cucinello, who’s a stylist for celebrities and the owner of Cucinello Studio in New York, he states that even your scalp would try. Using this hair mask recipe, before you know it, your scalp and hair would revitalize and look better than it was before. 

To make this hair mask, all you need are two tablespoons of unrefined raw coconut oil, five drops of peppermint oil, four teaspoons of raw sugar, and two drops of regular tea tree oil. 


You should make use of a bit of a bowl, mix all of your ingredients. Make use of your fingers or a color brush for your hair. Then apply this mixture directly to two sections of your damp hair inside the shower. You should apply them evenly. Then massage it gently for around one to three minutes. After you're done, wash your hair and reveal how beautiful your hair can be. Before you know it, everyone around you would want to have locks like yours.

Which hair mask recipe will you try first?


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