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The Hair Dye & Breast Cancer Risk

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Whenever you settle to think about it, you may feel fear with the thoughts and possibilities of making use of hair dye and the chances of getting breast cancer due to the toxic ingredients in some hair dye formulas.

Making use of data from more than 45,000 women in a study, researchers from NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) realized that ladies who kept on continuously using permanent hair dyes had about nine percent more chances of developing breast cancer in their lives compared to other women that did not make use of hair dye.

Effects on Different Women

Among the Black African American women that were checked, those of them that made use of permanent hair dyes for 5 to 8 weeks had a 60 percent increase in the risk of developing breast cancer. When compared with Caucasian women, they had an 8 percent risk. The study found no increase in the rate of breast cancer for women who made use of temporary or semi-permanent dye use.

Relationship Between Use of Hair Dyes and Breast Cancer

The study also checked out the relationship between the use of chemical permanent dyes and breast cancer. The researchers noticed that for ladies who made use of permanent dyes at least every 5 to 8 weeks would have a 30% more likely chance of developing breast cancer. It was also realized that more African American women made use of dyes and hair straighteners than Caucasian women. This increased the chances of more African American women getting breast cancer than others.

Should I Stop Dying My Hair Permanently?

One of the doctors from the research study stated different things could increase the chances of you getting breast cancer. Not just a single factor can cause breast cancer. But it would be safer to avoid or reduce the number of chemicals that are being used on your hair on a consistent basis. All of this is necessary to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.

Main Results from the Study

After a study was done, the researchers realized that one-third of the women who made use of chemical hair dyes and similar products have more risks of getting breast cancer compared to women that don't make use of these permanent hair dyes and hair straighteners.

It’s also evident in the International Journal of Cancer that the risk of getting breast cancer usually increases in women that make use of a variety of hair products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins.

So what does this tell you? For you to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer, you need to reduce the rate at which you make use of hair dyes and chemical hair straighteners. You should also choose natural hair dye products with safe, non-toxic ingredients such as Permanent Hair Color Gel and a Application Kit for Hair Color from Herbatint.

It is best as a woman to do what makes you happy. But wisdom is profitable to direct, reduce chemical usage, so be sure to keep it to a minimum or only choose safe, natural hair dyes and similar products.


Photo by Blake Barlow on Unsplash

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