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Glamorous Holiday Makeup Tips

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During the holidays there are different ways you’ll like to look that would suit the celebration. This article would show you the steps in making your glamorous holiday makeup.

Steps in Having Glamorous Holiday Makeup

1st step

Put on your foundation

Get your foundation, you could either fully cover your face or put it on just some parts. You need to make sure your foundation fits the color of your skin. That is the most important thing. If you have oily skin, putting foundation could stress you and it could be a problem you know. You need to get a foundation that would merge with your skin. No matter how you do it, your neck would have a different color than your face, but that's okay. You could also make this a part of your makeup for the holidays.

2nd step

On dark areas, put concealer

At times you might not need to use a concealer. But it is important for various people with different skin tones. Make sure your concealer is sealed with powder and use this immediately. If you don't, it would begin to crease. You wouldn't enjoy it if that happens.

3rd step

Organize this with powder

If you put your base and it feels okay, use a setting powder.

Once you’re happy with your base, set it with a setting powder to lock the product in place. This is also going to help with the application of the powder products and that should be the next thing you use.

4th Step

Organize your brows

Make sure your brows are filled with colors that match the color of your hair. If you have light hair, make sure you go darker by two shades. If you have dark hair, make sure you go two lighter by two shades.

5th Step

Prime your lids

Make use of MAC Paint Pot or Eye Primer in Soft Ochre. This would help with lasting eye saturation and eye color.

6th step

Make your eyes contoured

You want to have a dramatic and deep look, you need to make use of contour, specifically for your eyes. You could make use of a paper, so that you get the winged line the outer corner of your lid deserves. You need to make sure that the crease is the only part of your eyes that this is applied to.

Do this gently, starting with a light shade until you reach the point where you would use a dark color for your eye shadow.

7th Step

Make use of a gold eyeshadow

Make use of a brush and select an eyeshadow that's gold, and then put it on the area of your eyelids. This would give you the holiday look for sure. For a natural effect, try highlighting with eyeshadow from 100% Pure or Jane Iredale.

Final Step

Make use of glitter

After you’re done with the gold eyeshadow, put glitter for your lid to become more highlighted.

And that is it, your glamorous holiday makeup is ready. Your friends would be surprised at how wonderful you look.


Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

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