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How to Clean Beauty Blender

(and Other Makeup Sponges)

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It doesn't matter the method you make use of to keep your makeup sponge clean. You need to make sure you allow itto dry properly in areas that are at room temperature. This is necessary to getrid of unpleasant smells and prevent the growth of bacteria. You know you don't want your Beauty Blender to end up being unpleasant with mold. No one likes mold. Make sure you never keep your Beauty Blender in a zipped-up closed bag.  

You shouldmake sure you don't keep your makeup in a zipped bag, because you don't want moisture to gather and start creating a lot of germs. If you have a Beauty Blender that’s dirty and wet, make sure you leave it outside so it can properly dry.  

How to Clean Your Beauty Blender 

This is a straightforward method, because all you need to use is water and soap. Youcould make use of bar soap or a liquid cleanser. This would leave your Beauty Blender sponge looking as good as new.  

Use Soap and Water 

The First Step 

It would be best if you wet your sponge. It would be best if you held your sponge under water. This would let your sponge increase in size.  

The Second Step  

Use your hands and work with your soap. If you're using liquid soap, you could squeezesome of this liquid soap on your sponge. Then continue by massaging it using your fingers. You could take it all up against your palms and get rid of the makeup on your sponge.  

If you are using bar soap, you could rub your sponge on the soap directly so everything could properly foam. There are several advantages to using dish soap, and it is also more affordable.  

The Third Step  

Rinse your Beauty Blender. After your sponge is soapy, you should rinse everything outusing running water. It would be best if you were sure to squeeze everything with running water. Squeeze things gently, and make sure you don't leave any soap remaining inside your sponge as you rinse. Then let it dry in open air. 

Use a Cleansing Soak 

If your Beauty Blender is very dirty, like dirty to the point the color has changed from whiteto dark brown, you could help your face and Beauty Blender by deep soaking it inside a mixture of soapy water. This technique is what several celebrity make-up artists make use of.  

You alsoneed to get either a bar of bar soap or liquid soap to use this technique. But instead of washing your sponge with your hands, you soak your sponge inside the water-soap mixture with either the bar soap or the liquid soap. This way, the dirt flows out of the sponge, and you rinse it and let it dry after it gets itsoriginal color. 

Or, you could replace your Beauty Blender or other makeup sponge with an ethically sourced version, such as the Flocked Sponge by Jane Iredale.

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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