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How to Make a Beauty Mark

Hollywood Glamour: Look Like Marilyn Monroe

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Several celebrities have tried tocopy Marilyn Monroe's beautiful look. Many fashionable women have drawn inspiration fromher beautiful style of darkly lined eyes, red lipstick, and blond waves. Her beautiful bouncy hairstyle and her extraordinary, distinctive acting roles ended up leaving her with such a beautiful touch. Several beauty trends are dedicated to the lovely Marilyn. But for now, I'm here to talk about some simple tips on ways you could get a Marilyn Monroe-inspired beauty mark that fits you well. 

You could be thinking of ways to get rid of a mole. You might want to do something no one expected. You might want to look glam for a costume party. Just read through and learn the extraordinaryways of making a DIY beauty mark

Ways to Make a Beauty Mark  

Pay Attention to Coloring 

To get a beautiful color mark,make sure you don't go too far from the natural tone and coloring of your body. If you've got red hair, for example, you should make use of a rusty brown pencil. This would give you your beauty mark, and it'll look natural. You might be a fair-skinned brunette; make sure you don't go for black. Check out the intensity and undertones of existing freckles and moles for you to get epic results.  

Select a Formulation  

An eyebrow or eyeliner pencilwould give you very high control. There are several options available. You could use MAC Hodgepodge, lip liner, wetted eyeliner, matte eye shadow, or liquid color pot using a small stiff brush. No matter what you select, make sure it has a shine-free finish. You should try your best to get waterproof, long-wearing, beautiful formulas.  

Consider Location 

You could try putting your mole atyour lower lip or your upper lip. It could be on your chin. It could also be right above your eyebrow. It could be on one of your cheeks — either the left cheek or the right cheek. Suppose you are not sure which side to put your beauty mark on. Get a spot that flatters the best part of your face. Make sure your beauty mark is one and only one.  

The Application Process  

If you do not want things to slip, make sure you create bases using concealer, foundation, or primer. It would be best if you then used little motions circularly to draw your mark. Don't go for perfection. The less perfect it is, the more natural it is. You should then set this using a translucent powder.  

There are other options you coulduse. There are too many permanent options. You could use a temporary fix. Try using Stick Beauty Marks and Hottiedots Peel ($7-20). If you want to get an alternative that is not so permanent, you could check out the Magic 24 Hour Stylo Makeup Pens. These are about $16 each. Making a beauty mark will leave you looking like a modern Marilyn Monroe. A lot of women love this look. Try your own beauty mark today. 


Photo by Liam Nguyen on Unsplash 

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