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At-Home Grooming Tips for the Lockdown

You can still look great, even during the COVID-19 quarantine!

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The COVID-19 lockdown has not only impeded economic and social norms but has also affected our looks. Since the entire country is on lockdown and you can't possibly step out to get a beard trim or a haircut, it's now difficult to look as good as before. Your beard is growing out of proportion, and your hair is escaping your hairline!

Well, the lockdown is not enough reason to look untrimmed. You can work around it by practicing at-home grooming. If your work demands a video conference, you don't want to look unkempt or lazy. There is no chance of getting out to get a facial, pedicure, or trim, but you could still help yourself with these at-home grooming tips.

5 At-Home Grooming Tips

Step Back from Blow-Drying

This could be a great time to step back from using hot tools on your hair. Wash your hair to keep it clean and allow it to dry by itself; no blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener. You can, however, make use of any of these tools for styling if you need to join Zoom meetings. You don't have to go all the way to the back; only the front matters in a video conference.


While cutting your hair may not be the first option, as hair cutting is difficult, the wait for your barber or hairdresser may be worth it. If your hair has grown a lot, you can create a style out of it. Keep it clean, well combed, and shiny with hair-supportive products for your Zoom meetings. Try Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps Citrus Organic Hair Rinse.

Perfect the Beard

This has to be the most disturbing case for bearded men right now. However, perfect grooming is possible with the right tips. Being able to keep your beards in shape will prevent you from looking like a jungle king.

The pre-ritual for a beard trim includes shampooing, conditioning, and semi-drying. All these are done to soften the facial hair. Brush your beard after performing the pre-ritual. If your beard has grown beyond 1 inch from your chin, you need to reduce it with scissors. The best length to keep your beard is 1 inch long from your chin. For an accurate facial beard line and neckline, mark out your guiding points as your barber would do.

Don't leave your moustache out. Trim it with a pair of moustache or beard scissors to achieve spiky ends.

Give Yourself a Pedicure

Your feet deserve some grooming too. Pedicure often involves clipping, exfoliating, and painting. These are not difficult. All you need include a basin of water, cotton pads, clean towel, essential oil, pedicure tools (including nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher, etc.), foot scrub, foot lotion, foot file or pumice stone, and nail polish from Zoya. And voila! Your feet will be good to go.

Wax Your Bikini Line

If you only go to the salon to wax, this may be the time to use an epilator cream. You may not want to use a razor blade if you aren't used to it, so you will be safer with an epilator cream. Apply a good epilator cream and leave it on for a few minutes, and then remove it with an old towel. That easy! You can also do cold wax strips, if you feel brave enough.


Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

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